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Elder Led, Deacon Served, Staff Run, Lay Powered

Covenant Life Church has adopted a model of ministry leadership that we refer to as “Elder led, deacon served, staff run and lay powered.”

Elder Led

The elders have the primary human authority under Christ for the direction, doctrine, discipleship and discipline of Covenant Life Church. They exercise this authority when acting in unison as prayerful servant leaders.

For further clarity, here are the key action verbs to illustrate each of the four responsibilities of the elders.

  • Direction
    • Lead
    • Govern
    • Cast vision
  • Doctrine
    • Guard
    • Preserve
    • Teach
  • Discipleship
    • Feed
    • Connect
    • Build up
    • Model
  • Discipline
    • Correct
    • Restore
    • Unify

Deacon Served

The deacons at Covenant Life have the responsibility as servants to support the elders, staff and lay leaders as they steward the church’s financial resources, conduct the church’s caring ministry and maintain the church’s property.

  • Steward
    • Encourage generosity
    • Collect tithes & offerings
    • Administer funds
  • Conduct Caring Ministry
    • Help those in physical, financial or practical need
    • Visit the sick
    • Equip congregation to serve one another
  • Maintain Property
    • Keep the buildings & grounds in shape
    • Develop the site
    • Protect the physical resources of the church

Staff Run

The staff at Covenant Life, in fidelity with the elders, plan, implement and manage the overarching vision and direction put forth by the elders. Each staff person is responsible for developing and coordinating their area of ministry (e.g. Children, Music, Students).

  • Plan
  • Implement
  • Manage
  • Develop
  • Coordinate
  • Carry out day to day
  • Achieve
  • Teach

Lay Powered

The people of the church are responsible for its work. When groups of gifted people come together to serve through their passions, experience, talents and spiritual gifts an amazing thing happens: we make an impact in the world in the name of Christ.