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Why We Serve

We are a community of artists who exist to connect people to Christ, to one another, and to service for God’s kingdom through the creative arts.

Who We Are

We are worshippers.

We were created to glorify God and enjoy him forever.  As Mark Driscoll writes, “Worship is not merely an aspect of our being but the essence of our being as God’s image bearers.”  For this reason our first priority is to worship God with all our hearts, minds, souls and strength (Mark 12:30).

We are artists.

An artist is anyone who practices any of the creative arts: painting, drawing, photography, singing, video production, graphic design, interior design, etc.  At Covenant Life Church we also believe that mixing sound, running lights and camera, and running projection should be artistic pursuits as well.

We are servants.

At Covenant Life artists use their creative gifts to worship God and to encourage others.  If you have a creative gift, however big or small, we would love to help you develop and use your gift

About musical styles:

When it comes to weekly worship services, style is secondary.  Just as the wide diversity of the people whom God has called to be his own demonstrates the rich and varied love of the Savior, so the span of musical styles from the earliest melody to the newest pop song reveals his profound message.